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About us: Our Qatar betting sites editorial team strives to bring you the latest sports- and sports betting news on a daily basis. Our research focuses on football betting, handball betting, volleyball betting, horse betting and many other sports and betting types.


Online betting Qatar

Online betting in Qatar is very popular. There are no betting offices in Qatar, but many of the sports fans in Qatar use the internationally approved online betting office. We have presented the most important of the online bookmakers who also allow players from Qatar here on our betting page.

Qatar world football cup

The Qatar football world cup 2022 will be particularly interesting and exciting. This is where the best and strongest international football teams meet to compete against each other in Qatar. The tickets for this football event are very popular and are already being sold at high prices.

Qatar horse racing betting

In addition to football and motor sports, camel and horse races are also very popular in Qatar. Qatar horse racing betting is particularly popular in this context. Here everyone can bet on their favorite horse and win a high price. Since there are no betting offices in Qatar, as already mentioned, these horse bets are placed in the renowned and licensed online betting offices. The online betting shops also have another advantage. The betting slip stored in your account cannot be lost here. If you have won, your winnings will be immediately credited to your betting account.

Betting sites in Qatar

You can find the most important betting sites in Qatar on our website and they are placed in the different articles. If you register with one of our betting providers, you will receive a high welcome bonus with which you can also submit your first sports bets for free.

Best online casino Qatar

The best online casino Qatar is also very popular and reputable. Here you can find the best licensed online casinos in Arabic. All of these suggested online casinos have a stately gambling license, this is the security for you that the game is fair and serious – your casino winnings and casino bonuses will be paid out to you immediately.

المراهنات الرياضية

Our information about sports betting and online betting in qatar is also explained by us in Arabic. For example, you can also find this المراهنات الرياضية  in arabic. By the way, our bookmakers also offer their offers in Arabic – so you don’t need to be afraid that you won’t be able to understand the sports betting offer. 

Qatar football and sports map:

On our Qatar football and sports map you can find all the  important football stadiums and other important sporting events. At the same time, you can display the exact route and the distance to the destination.


Largest stadium for sports and football events in Qatar

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